Patent Engineer / IP Attorney

職務内容 ■About Organization
“Technical Vitality & IP” organization is responsible to manage to evaluate/file inventions and trademarks disclosed by R&D and marketing department in Lenovo Japan/NECPC. The organization also supports IP related matters such as IP related contracts with 3rd parries or IP disputes. As Technical vitality, the organization sets/tracks/helps to achieve IP related KPI for international R&D teams.
The position “Patent Engineer (or IP Attorney)” belongs to R&D department of Lenovo Japan LLC. in Yokohama, and assumes a member role of “Technical Vitality and Intellectual Properties” organization. She/he basically receives IP related direction and guidance from IP/Legal HQ department in US, and performs evaluation of inventions and trademarks, arranges for filing them to JPO, and supports IP matters in R&D activities.
In addition, as Technical Vitality, she/he is required to share IP strategy with BU’s in R&D department in Lenovo, to sets/tracks/helps to achieve their IP related KPI, and to contribute to achieve their business goals.
Lenovo is recruiting an active human resource who can grow with Lenovo in mid/long term.

- Report to: Sr. Manager & IP Counsel, Technical Vitality & IP
- Subordinates: 2x On-site Vendor
- Number of Peers: none

■Roles and responsibilities
- Drive Technical Vitality activities (i.e. patent submission) to achieve R&D patent KPI
- Support patentability evaluation in Patent Evaluation Committee (Lenovo internal team) for determining beneficial patents to be filed
- Execute all the patent filing activities by collaborating with local patent firms in Japan and foreign countries
- Manage to file inbound patent filings on request from the US IP organization
- Lead to investigate IP (patent/design/trademark) related issues/concerns with Lenovo products, and provide project team and managements with solution and/or recommendation
- Participate to an IP related strategic project if necessary

■Key Interaction with:
Lenovo internal (worldwide):
- IP department staffs
- IP and Legal department managements and executives
- R&D researchers/engineers, managements, and executives
- Other related department staffs and managements
External (worldwide)
- IP department staffs and managements in ODM and suppliers
- Patent counsel office staffs and managements
- IP department staffs and managements of strategic partner company

知的財産権部門は、レノボ・ジャパン(株)において、研究開発・企画部門から開示される発明や商標に関する出願・権利化の業務を行ないます。 また、IP関連の契約や係争のサポートも行います。テクニカル・バイタリティとしては、国を跨る統合開発センター(事業部相当)や国内各事業部の特許出願に関する年間KPIの設定や管理、KPI達成のための推進活動をリードします。
本ポジションは、レノボ・ジャパン(株) 横浜事業所 研究開発部門に所属し、知的財産権部門の一員としての業務を遂行します。 知的財産権部門としては、原則、海外本社・同部門の方針に従い、主に、社内発明者から開示される発明や商標の評価(出願可否判断)や出願・権利化、戦略的企業合併等に伴って発生する業務を行ないます。

- Manager (上司): Sr. Manager & IP Counsel, Technical Vitality & IP
- No. of Subordinates (部下の人数): 2x On-site Vendor
- Number of Peers(同僚の人数): なし

- 発明提出目標(社内)の設定・管理と目標達成のための推進活動
- 発明評価会(提出された発明に関し、特許出願可否の社内判断)での特許性評価の支援
- 国内外の現地特許事務所と協業し、出願、審査請求、中間処理など出願手続全般の実施
- 米国知的財産権部門からの依頼を受けて海外特許を日本で出願・維持するための手続
- 海外を含む関連部門と協力し、自社製品に関わる知的財産権の問題や懸念事項の解決策・解決方針を検討し、プロジェクトチームやマネジメントに対して提示する
- 必要に応じて、レノボ・ジャパンの知的財産権担当者として特許買収等の戦略的プロジェクトに参画する

■Key Interaction with:
- 知的財産権部門担当者(日本国内・海外)
- 知的財産権部門、及び、法務部門のマネジメント・役員(日本国内・海外)
- 研究・開発部門技術者・マネジメント・役員(日本国内・海外)
- その他、関連部門担当者・マネジメント
- 特許事務所担当者・マネジメント
- 戦略的パートナー(知的財産権買収相手等)の知的財産権部門担当者・マネジメント 
応募資格 Must Have
- Job experience in US patent prosecutions
- Job experience of meetings or conference calls conducted in English
- Knowledge of electronics, electric circuitry, mechanical engineering, software, wireless communication, etc. usually used in personal computers in order to understand points that inventors appeal
- English verbal communication skills to work with IP department team in the US and China (including written communication)
- Ordinal Japanese communication skill if an applicant’s native language is not Japanese (Verbal and written communication – JLPT N2 or better)
- Logical thinking and logical communication skill
- Teamwork

- 米国特許の権利化業務経験
- 英語での業務ミーティング、電話会議の経験
- Personal Computer 等で使用される電子・電気回路、機構、ソフトウエア、無線技術等の知識を有し、発明提案の趣旨・訴求点を理解できる能力
- 海外の知的財産権部門と業務を行なうために必要な英語での口頭によるコミュニケーション能力(英文読解、英文作成能力も含む)
- 日本語が非日常言語の応募者は、日本語での意思疎通能力 (参考:日本語能力検定2級以上)
- 論理的思考・論理的コミュニケーション能力
- チームワーク

Good to have
- Job experience in IP field in R&D and MFG company
- Job experience in drafting or reviewing IP related agreements
- Job experience in IP related conflict and litigation resolution
- Job experience in or knowledge of design/trademark prosecutions
- IP Attorney (not necessary at job application but prefer that an applicant has a plan to be an IP attorney)

- 企業内における知的財産権分野での業務経験
- 契約書(開発委託契約等)の知財条項のドラフトやReview等の経験
- 特許渉外や、紛争対応の業務経験
- 商標出願または意匠出願の業務経験か知識
- 弁理士資格(応募時点では不要であるが、資格取得に意欲があれば好ましい)
勤務地 Yokohama, Kanagawa